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This year, glide into Mom’s good books

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Mother’s Day is almost here and we’re willing to bet you haven’t decided on something for your number 1 fan. Sure, you could choose flowers or chocolate…but what about something that she’ll use everyday, will give her better access and will make it easier for her to do everyday tasks? You know, like making your favourite dinner when you come over on Sundays.

Recently we spent some time with Dianne, mom and grandmother of 5. She initially planned to have Gliding Shelf Solutions custom pull-out shelves installed in her kitchen. But in the end, we installed pull-out shelves in additional two bathrooms and even a dining room cabinet.

After knee surgery, Dianne had a hard time reaching into her cupboards. She said “I’ve always been active – running a business and excited to spend time with my family, but the little things, like working in the kitchen were slowing me down. Now everything is at my fingertips and the only thing wearing me out are my grandkids. Which is just how I like it.”

Once she saw how well her kitchen functioned with custom pull-out shelves, she saw other opportunities to have better access and organization.


Before:                                                                       After:

Matich_Home_Office_Before_ImageScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.34.14 PMMatich_Cabinet_Before_Image




With Gliding Shelf Solutions, you can do more than make Mom’s day Sunday. You can make everyday a little better with custom pull-out shelves. Considering how many of your days she’s made better, that’s a pretty good deal.


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