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Tackling the Tupperware

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Thinking of doing some organizing this weekend? Maybe it’s time to tame the Tupperware drawer or cupboard.


Here are some handy tips:

Head to the Dollar Store and pick up an inexpensive bin. (Nobody’s gonna see it!)


Next, pull everything out of your container drawer or cupboard. Go through every piece and toss anything that doesn’t have a use; all the tops without bottoms, bottoms without tops and any pieces that are cracked or broken. If you have a larger bottom with no top, put it aside to hold lids.

Now that you only have pieces you can use, start grouping them together. Stack containers that nest into each other. Place the lids, smallest to largest, into the ‘holder’ you’ve set aside and tuck them all back into the box. If you’re feeling super ‘on the ball’, label the container so anyone else putting away your dishes knows where your Tupperware goes.


Voila! Everything within reach and easy to find. Plus, when everything has a place, clean up is a breeze.

Happy long weekend everyone!

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