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Taking it easy at the cottage

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Organization can go a long way to leaving you lots of time to enjoy your time at the cottage.


We came across this great blog post on Organized Bloggers by blogger Wendy Hollick.

Wendy’s list of cottage must-have’s include:


Labeling is key to an organized cottage experience. Cottages generally have many users, sometimes without the owners being present, so labeling the inside of cupboards, light switches, pump switches, etc. keeps things in order and avoids mistakes of turning off equipment that should be left on.

 Cottage Rules

Post a list of phone numbers for emergency and neighbouring cottages, codes, user instructions, instructions for locking up when you leave, what gets turned off and what is left on, and so on.

 Colour Coding

Match the colours of bedrooms with the sheets, towels, bedding, and other items that belong there. This makes it so much easier to keep each room’s items stored in that room vs. a linen closet.


Create zones, just as you would at home. For example, raingear, sunscreens, sunhats, and umbrellas should be kept by the main exit so they’re always handy when needed. Keep extras on hand for guests who may show up unprepared.

 Toiletry Items

Instead of transporting your necessities back and forth between home and the cottage, keep a supply in both places – you’ll spend less time packing, require less room in your vehicle, and are less likely to leave something behind. Keep extras on hand, both for guests and to ensure you don’t run out when you’re miles away from the nearest store.


Sadly, it’s not all fun in the sun! A well-stocked game cupboard, with something for every age group, will go a long way to keeping boredom away when it’s raining or too cold to do anything outside. Games that can be played by adults and kids together are a great way to build memories for the years ahead.

 Night Lights

You’ll probably need one or more night-lights at the cottage even if you don’t normally use them at home, because it’s usually a lot darker in cottage country than it is at home. To save power, unplug them when you go home or use light sensor night-lights.


We couldn’t agree more. And with game cupboards, linen closets and a well stocked kitchen with many users, our custom pull-out shelves can really help keep everything in it’s place, and make it easy for guests to help with clean up duty!


To learn more about how we can help your cottage, visit

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