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Happy Canada Day

This time of year always warms my heart. I am proud to be Canadian, and proud to have created a company here. At Gliding Shelf Solutions, our products are made right here in Ontario.

We enrich the lives of Canadians by providing accessibility that helps seniors stay at home longer, by helping businesses double the use of their storage so they can grow without outgrowing their space. We help families with young children conquer the clutter that comes from inspiring young minds and we assist returning Canadian veterans through our Platinum Sponsorship of Renos for Heroes.

This year, Gliding Shelf is celebrating 5 years in business. We have a lot to celebrate this Canada Day. But our biggest cause for celebration is great customers like you. Thank you for your support, your amazing referrals and for choosing our product to be part of your daily lives.

We hope you have an amazing time with you family and friends this holiday.

Lee Anne Daniels and the Gliding Shelf Solutions Family

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Taking it easy at the cottage

Organization can go a long way to leaving you lots of time to enjoy your time at the cottage.


We came across this great blog post on Organized Bloggers by blogger Wendy Hollick.

Wendy’s list of cottage must-have’s include:


Labeling is key to an organized cottage experience. Cottages generally have many users, sometimes without the owners being present, so labeling the inside of cupboards, light switches, pump switches, etc. keeps things in order and avoids mistakes of turning off equipment that should be left on.

 Cottage Rules

Post a list of phone numbers for emergency and neighbouring cottages, codes, user instructions, instructions for locking up when you leave, what gets turned off and what is left on, and so on.

 Colour Coding

Match the colours of bedrooms with the sheets, towels, bedding, and other items that belong there. This makes it so much easier to keep each room’s items stored in that room vs. a linen closet.


Create zones, just as you would at home. For example, raingear, sunscreens, sunhats, and umbrellas should be kept by the main exit so they’re always handy when needed. Keep extras on hand for guests who may show up unprepared.

 Toiletry Items

Instead of transporting your necessities back and forth between home and the cottage, keep a supply in both places – you’ll spend less time packing, require less room in your vehicle, and are less likely to leave something behind. Keep extras on hand, both for guests and to ensure you don’t run out when you’re miles away from the nearest store.


Sadly, it’s not all fun in the sun! A well-stocked game cupboard, with something for every age group, will go a long way to keeping boredom away when it’s raining or too cold to do anything outside. Games that can be played by adults and kids together are a great way to build memories for the years ahead.

 Night Lights

You’ll probably need one or more night-lights at the cottage even if you don’t normally use them at home, because it’s usually a lot darker in cottage country than it is at home. To save power, unplug them when you go home or use light sensor night-lights.


We couldn’t agree more. And with game cupboards, linen closets and a well stocked kitchen with many users, our custom pull-out shelves can really help keep everything in it’s place, and make it easy for guests to help with clean up duty!


To learn more about how we can help your cottage, visit

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In Halifax this weekend? Get tips on healthy, active and informed over 50!

Come out and enjoy the 50 Plus Expo <link> June 13th and 14th in Halifax.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.12.04 PM

You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a wide array of exhibitors and exciting live entertainment. Learn from informative speakers and gain information on healthcare options, great vacation destinations, housing, transportation, financial planning, nutrition, continuing education, arts&crafts, leisure activities and much more!

Plus take a closer look at some unique products for healthy and balancing living.

The Gliding Shelf Solutions Nova Scotia team Gary and Janet Reschke will be there showing off great options for organization, access and adding space from Gliding Shelf.

Great for older Canadians who need to put everything in their existing cabinets at their fingertips. Our custom pull out shelves are an amazing solution for those who need a little extra help.

Drop by and say hello!

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Cookie Sheet Cheat Sheet

For something so unified in shape, cookie sheets, and all bake pans can cause a whole lot of chaos in the kitchen.Here are some great tips for keeping them clean, making them into something else, and keeping them in order.

First, check out this great tutorial from Fun Home Things on getting your old cookies sheets bright and shiny again. So simple but so effective!

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.34.44 PM

Have a few too many cookie sheets around? Feeling crafty? Why not turns spares into these great chalk boards found on The Heartfelt Home!

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.46.23 PM

Love your pans, but not how you store them? We have a great solution for that. Check out these amazing Gliding Shelf solutions tray bins.

GSSI-tray-drawer-sliding-shelves 013

Neat, tidy and every one at your fingertips. Which, when your fingers are covered in flour, is a great thing.


For more information on how we can help you organize hard-to-manage trays and tools, contacts us today.

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What’s hiding under your sink?

What’s hiding under your sink?

If your answer is “I have no idea” maybe you should rethink how you organize that cupboard. Gliding Shelf Solutions can help!
Our custom pull-out shelves put everything under the kitchen sink in its place.


You don’t have to worry about how to keep the cabinet clean. It’s easy to access plumbing and remove the drawers for cleaning underneath by pressing on the side safety clips.


You’ll love having double the space in what is traditionally an awkward area. And, because our pull-out shelves are custom, you can arrange your storage however you like.

If you’re ready to start making the most of your under-sink cabinet, contact us today!

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Tackling the Tupperware

Thinking of doing some organizing this weekend? Maybe it’s time to tame the Tupperware drawer or cupboard.


Here are some handy tips:

Head to the Dollar Store and pick up an inexpensive bin. (Nobody’s gonna see it!)


Next, pull everything out of your container drawer or cupboard. Go through every piece and toss anything that doesn’t have a use; all the tops without bottoms, bottoms without tops and any pieces that are cracked or broken. If you have a larger bottom with no top, put it aside to hold lids.

Now that you only have pieces you can use, start grouping them together. Stack containers that nest into each other. Place the lids, smallest to largest, into the ‘holder’ you’ve set aside and tuck them all back into the box. If you’re feeling super ‘on the ball’, label the container so anyone else putting away your dishes knows where your Tupperware goes.


Voila! Everything within reach and easy to find. Plus, when everything has a place, clean up is a breeze.

Happy long weekend everyone!

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This year, glide into Mom’s good books

Mother’s Day is almost here and we’re willing to bet you haven’t decided on something for your number 1 fan. Sure, you could choose flowers or chocolate…but what about something that she’ll use everyday, will give her better access and will make it easier for her to do everyday tasks? You know, like making your favourite dinner when you come over on Sundays.

Recently we spent some time with Dianne, mom and grandmother of 5. She initially planned to have Gliding Shelf Solutions custom pull-out shelves installed in her kitchen. But in the end, we installed pull-out shelves in additional two bathrooms and even a dining room cabinet.

After knee surgery, Dianne had a hard time reaching into her cupboards. She said “I’ve always been active – running a business and excited to spend time with my family, but the little things, like working in the kitchen were slowing me down. Now everything is at my fingertips and the only thing wearing me out are my grandkids. Which is just how I like it.”

Once she saw how well her kitchen functioned with custom pull-out shelves, she saw other opportunities to have better access and organization.


Before:                                                                       After:

Matich_Home_Office_Before_ImageScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.34.14 PMMatich_Cabinet_Before_Image




With Gliding Shelf Solutions, you can do more than make Mom’s day Sunday. You can make everyday a little better with custom pull-out shelves. Considering how many of your days she’s made better, that’s a pretty good deal.